Ambassador Church Vacation Bible School 2016

This week (7/25-29) is my church’s VBS, and this year I’ve been selected to be in the planning committee. I’ve been placed to be in charge of Registration and checking in each student at the beginning of session.In addition to that, I decided to help in creating the nametags for each child. Most importantly, I had 4 days to complete it.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

I managed to google a CaveQuest template. I, then, softened up the photo and smoothed over the details in Photoshop. After I saved, I dragged it into InDesign to fill out the information for both the kids and the leaders.


For those of you doing a CaveQuest VBS theme, here’s a blank template if y’all like to use it!

For a hip finishing touch, tie some twine over the tag. This new generation of kids will adore it!


I dibble. I dabble.

For those of you who follow me from my previous wp (joannenaomi.wordpress) & blogspot, you’ll know my thoughts are all over the place. There’s no road map for my mind – I just have to stop and listen to my heart. When that doesn’t work out, which it will, I stop what I’m doing and turn to the Lord. For He is the reason.

The Purpose: 

I started this little project for the sole purpose of it being my portfolio for my graduate admission into this graphic design program I’ve been trying to pursue. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally ready to pursue my dream. Ergo, here’s all the projects I’ve been collecting along the way, and all the art I’ve been dabbling with. If you have any advice, recommendation, feedback, comments, please feel free and let me know in the contact form above or the comments section below! .. or drop me a message in any of my social media forums on the side!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!