A Minimalist Birthday

Hi. This month. No. This WEEK I have been running around scribbling into my planner like a mad (wo)man trying to get some structure into my life. I somehow took on way too many projects, and the excitement and adrenaline to take on these projects started wearing thin. FYI: I’m a starter – the adrenaline I get from starting new projects can energize a whole 3rd world country! 

After that initial week, I started seeing myself losing sleep, getting stressful skin problems, and most importantly, losing communication to the outside world aka my friends. I wouldn’t have even have time to respond to a simple text from my friends! I didn’t even realize my BEST FRIEND’S birthday was the next day, until her boyfriend came into my workplace to ask for my advice and give me a subtle reminder. I instantly felt ashamed, embarrassed, and everything else in between.

As a result, I quickly ran home, turned on my computer, opened up my sketchbook, and tried to map out the most quickest easiest sketch for a birthday card. It works out, because she’s a total minimalist – and she likes all things white. And white just happens to be the easiest thing I can illustrate!

I looked at my planner, and realized I actually had 2 more birthdays coming up the following week. Ergo, I needed something multi-usable, and customizable. 

This is what I came up with. Something easy to illustrate and easy to customize. I’ll save this for a rainy day, for the next time I “forget” – hopefully never again.

Sidenote: this is also gender-neutral too! definitely multi-usable!

Check out my Behance to see the full project listed.

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